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The SPEAKFitness approach to Health Coaching is supporting the client in finding their pathway to purpose and potential in living a healthier, more fit lifestyle.  A Health Coach works to bridge the gap between a client's current lifestyle health habits, and those habits the individual is wanting to change.  

SPEAKFitness Health Coaching helps the client every step of the way by guiding them in developing greater self awareness and preservation skills to manage stress and ambivalence. SPEAKFitness empowers the client to develop self efficacy and assertiveness to break through barriers and climb to new levels of good health and well being.

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SPEAKFitness client sessions are one hour long.

We see our clients 1, 2 or 3 days per week, depending on their availability and budget. However, our program is fully supportive and we are in touch with our clients on a daily basis.

Due to SPEAKFitness Health Coaching being a startup company, we're offering low weekly Health Coaching sessions at $50 each.  Because Health Coaching is a process that requires time in order to generate success, packages are sold in 4 week blocks, with discounted packages if more blocks are purchased.  SPEAKFitness Health Coaching aims to have someone in a maintenance phase  by six (6) months, however this of course is different from one client to the next, so we'll tailor the program that best meets your needs.

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Absolutely, the only catch is that Health Coaching sessions are unique to the person and their individual needs.  That being said, we offer discounted packages for interested couples.

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Our health coaches have extensive credentials to include formal education, leadership experience and being certified nationally through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  All of our health coaches are also fully insured.
Absolutely, we love working with beginners. Actually, the majority of our clients are people who are struggling with finding their way to healthy lifestyle habits.  Clients of all backgrounds and levels of experience who are looking for a strategic and caring approach to positive change is who we're looking for.
SPEAKFitness Health Coaching is not a weight loss program or weight loss center. Rather, we focus on a holistic and sustainable approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Practically every one of our clients will lose fat, gain muscle, become more flexible, have more energy, sleep better, and feel and look younger and healthier.
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Everyone's Health & Wellness is like a mountain metaphor. In order to reach new peaks, you must climb by taking that first step and hand hold in order to pull yourself upward. Not all of the available steps or holds can be seen by the climber in the beginning, so having a coach to help provide guidance is essential. The same approach can be taken to support one who's interested in taking the path to changing their health and wellbeing for the better. SPEAKFitness Health Coaching is here to help you accomplish your health and wellbeing goals and understands that a plan that works for one person, more than likely won't generate the same positive results for the next. Therefore, the Coaches with SPEAKFitness Health Coaching strive to provide each client with a personal and customized approach to their client's unique health and wellness goals. Let's make your mountain climbable by working together on developing a strategic plan that accomplishes your needs!

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5 Week Health & Wellness Challenge

Looking for a fresh approach to a healthier you? Take advantage of this free 5 Week Health & Wellness Coaching Package valued at more than $250. Enter Coupon Code: SPEAK1 when purchasing in order to redeem this free program. Each week a SPEAKFitness Health Coach will provide you a 60 minute coaching session structured to support and coach you through each new health and wellness goal of the week. Don't wait, there are only a small number of these free packages being offered. Please complete the required information in the store and remember to use the Coupon Code: SPEAK1.


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