SPEAK Services​​​
A virtual profile site is a customized website page that provides information to the college coach or recruiter about the student athlete such as:

  • Position
  • Academics
  • Athletic accomplishments
  • Club / High School Coach contact information
  • Highlight Film
  • Action Pictures
  • Message box for perspective coaches
Sample Student Athlete Virtual Site
SPEAK Leadership Consulting is fortunate to have affiliated with SITEBuilder123. We've developed a custom platform site that is personalized for our customers.  The sites are free. Our service is designing the site for each athlete and providing the education to the parent and student on how to use the student/athlete's site as an effective personalized communication tool with college coaches and recruiters.
The sites are free.  The cost comes from SPEAK Coaches providing the parent and student athlete a "Do It Yourself" education on how to effectively use their sites as a communication tool.

Total cost is $150 per athlete for a Custom Virtual Profile Site with highlight reel and action shots (provided by athlete / parents).

This approach is simple, effective and far less expensive then spending thousands of dollars for services other businesses offer that can't provide definitive outcomes.

This SPEAK approach has been 100% successful for all our athletes.  Interaction SPEAK has had with college coaches suggests they prefer this virtual profile site approach from the student athlete rather than a third party college recruitment service.  The SPEAK approach makes the process both personal and assertive for the athlete, which demonstrates leadership from this young adult, and a desired trait the college coach is looking for.
  • Click on the below link and complete the student athlete profile form.  If you'd prefer a one on one session (cost is $250) for this personal consultation per athlete.  
       Student Athlete profile form