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20 Apr

According to Chris Krause who wrote, "8 Rules To Help Your Child Get An Athletic Scholarship" (, the gentle approach to keep your child focused and engaged is considered a best practice.  The more the young athlete can take on during the process, especially as it relates to communicating with the coach, the best potential for opportunity there will be.

The coach would much rather hear from the athlete who will be a part of their program for the next 4 to 5 years, rather than the parent.  Having the ability to speak with the athlete allows the coach an opportunity to learn more about the athlete's character.  With encouragement and support from the parent, the athlete can develop the courage and confidence needed in order to communicate with college coaches interested in learning more about them. 

The SPEAK Effective Communication Clinic aims to elevate the athlete's confidence in communicating with people of authority such as college coaches and recruiters.  SPEAK Coach's will provide an overview of the communication process and lead workshops to enhance written, spoken, and nonverbal communication skills.

SPEAK's Effective Communication Clinic will provide each attending athlete an understanding of the following:

  • An overview of the communication process
  • Steps to creating a purposeful written email
    • During the clinic, SPEAK Coach's will lead each athlete in sending an email to a college coach of their choice
  • Script for effective two-way phone communication
    • Each athlete will practice developing and role playing the script on each other
  • Importance of being prepared with an "Elevator Speech" for coaches or recruiters
    • Each athlete will learn and practice confidence building techniques to assist them in speaking with coaches & recruiters

Being an effective communicator can make the difference in any relationship development process, to include what's created between the athlete and the coach. SPEAK Coaches are able to provide the athlete tools that will help them gain the necessary courage and confidence when interacting with prospective coaches.  This skill set will help demonstrate the athlete's character and leadership ability.

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