the speakfitness Health Coaching approach

Coaching Sessions

With SPEAKFitness Health Coaching, you'll never be alone and your coach will be your anchor. We will meet via Zoom or phone (your choice), for one (1) intensive getting started coaching session and six (6) 45 - 60 minute coaching sessions covering 90 days, or twelve (12) coaching sessions covering 180 days (Optimum).


You are what you learn from, apply and continue to repeat. You will learn how to create choices and habits that will support your SMART goals and healthy lifestyle. Your Health Coach will remain connected and engaged with you in-between coaching sessions through a virtual coaching application called Nudge, as a part of the accountability piece.


You will receive resources to support your specific needs, which could include worksheets, recipes, referrals, and personal development suggestions.

Mobile Support

Text and/or email are additional support options for quick questions and accountability, etc. in-between sessions,.